Depression is knocking at my door

I haven’t posted in a while, which makes me feel super shitty, but that’s what happens when … well … it comes back.

Here it comes again, and honestly I’m not surprised at all. You would think that with the number of good days I’ve been having my depression wouldn’t come back.

I was wrong …

Not having my own space to relax and be alone in is really affecting my mental health. I’m not weak minded, just certain things really get to me and I just can’t handle them.

I’m tired of my depression …

So much and I want it gone. I don’t want to be sad and angry all the time. Flipping out of my family over the simplest things and then being fine (I sounds crazy)…

I had control over it and not I’ve lost the control.. 

What frustrates me the most is that no one understands me. People ignore me, or they just brush it off like it’s no big deal. Telling me “oh it’ll be alright just don’t think about things” or my favorite “things could get worse at least you’re alive …” 

But bitch that’s not the point..

I am depressed so for me it has gotten worse, telling me can get worse is making it WORSE. In the mind of someone depressed you’ve already hit rock bottom and all positive thoughts have left the building. It’s hard to pull yourself out of a black hole of emotions. 

For those of you that are around people who constantly deal with depression, here is a tip: just be there for them when they need you, support and love them because they’ll need it.


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