Everyone has a dry spell 

You know that moment in life where you don’t have any second for weeks sometimes even months? That moment where your body hasn’t been in contact with another body in so long that it hurts?

Yeah that’s a dry spell ..

It’s the time for you to find yourself and find your body. It’s the time for you to figure out who you want and what you want from them. It’s a wonderful time when you basically fuck whoever you want and really not care about it. 

Yeah that’s pretty much it ..

It’s an exciting yet lonely time of your life, and some nights you’ll feel like you want a boyfriend right then and there. Don’t do it! Take the time honestly, some time alone never killed anyone.

I’ve been alone for months now and it’s starting to feel good to feel like a breath of fresh air. Yeah I want to cuddle sometimes, and having someone always with you and be your best friend … it feels nice.

 I’ve accepted though, that it’ll happen when it happens!

My knight in shinning armor will show up one day, and I’ll be waiting for him on all fours … kidding.. or not! In the mean time, I’ll hang in there and stay horny. Being horny and alone never hurt anyone … right?……..

-berto 😘


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