Still hanging in there: Coffee update!

So so so! I haven’t posted in a couple days and I feel like such a lazy piece of SHIT and I’m very sorry for that..

Now that we’re over it I have something to say ..


Yes yes yes, I’ve been a coffee drinker for as long as I remember, caffeine was my best friend. However on January 1st I quit cold turkey and never looked back! Yeah I have my ocasional decaf coffee, or cheat and have some caffeine, but for the most part I am DONE!

If you’re confused as to why I quit, because to you coffee is the center or your world, and you can’t function without it. Well I won’t tell you again so go read about it because I already explained why I’m quitting caffeine…. duh….

I’m just going to say I’m proud of myself because I tend to be very weak when it comes to things like that. I can’t take things out of my life that easily (hence the reason I’m friends with my ex), so for me to quit something I’ve been ingesting for years is a big deal to me!

That just shows YOU GUYS that you can do anything! If my crazy homosexual self can achieve something that so can you! Don’t ever wake up doubting yourself, don’t ever think you can’t do something, or you won’t ever accomplish that something. Always believe that you can and will.

No one likes a Negative Nancy that moping around because they “can’t do anything”, and Nancy definitely doesn’t get laid because no one likes to poke someone Negative. Hold on and push through because life will get hard and you’ll hit some road blocks that’ll make you feel like you can’t do something and want to quit.

Don’t be a spitter don’t be a quitter!……. huh?

-berto 😘


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