Love or Lust 

These days everyone throws the word love around like it’s a joke, like it doesn’t mean anything anymore, and it’s pissing me off!

If you’ve read my past blog post you know how I feel about love (if you haven’t omg go read it ❤️) and how serious I take the word. Now these days it’s getting thrown around like nothing. People dating for a couple weeks all of a sudden being in “love”

But they’re wrong…

People always confuse love with LUST, both are slightly different things.



See both are different but slightly similar I’ll give you that. However you can see how the feelings can be confused.

I am a strong believer in getting to know someone and falling in love over time. I’ve never experienced love at first sight whether it was first hand or not.

Now I do understand everyone falls in love at their own pace. Not everyone falls in love like I do. My personal opinion still stands, with time comes love.

Lusting after someone is okay, wanting to have sex is a natural feeling. However the feeling of lust can be so strong it could be mistaken for love. Love is not only sexual, it’s wanting that person all the time even when you don’t find them sexy.

Once you experience love for the first time you’ll understand what I mean. The difference in feelings. Wanting someone’s everything not only sexually. I miss being in love it’s beautiful.

That lusting feeling could change into love. You could be hanging out with someone so much, the sex is probably so good, and if they’re good to you, those feelings will come. It’s hard to know if both of you are feeling the same or not, sometimes you can’t even tell.

Trust me, I’ve had my share of situations where I’m just hypnotized with someone penis and not with them.

It happens to the best of us 😂

-berto 💕


6 thoughts on “Love or Lust 

      1. I agree! Love takes time. I believe people should take their time in getting to know one another before they jump into things. I truly believe that its lust at first sight, not love. I’ve seen people move in with one another within the first month of dating. Back in day i went on a date and the guy was talking about wanted to get an apartment with me. Yeah I ended that relationship real quick lol

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