Sleep is SACRED 

I’m the type of person who really needs their sleep. Without sleep, I can’t function. Without sleep, I am a raging fucking monster.

Today is a perfect example of that…

I got woken up at 6:50 in the morning but the most ignorant person ever. Okay perfect. The problem is I haven’t been able to sleep peacefully since then.

And I’m not very nice when my sleep gets interrupted …

I am so cranky and so groggy it should be illegal. I need sleep, like any other human needs sleep, but an emotional person like me… NEEDS HIS SLEEP.

I never understood why others don’t let you live your life and do what you want. Me? All I fucking want is to sleep and be left ALONE. 

However if you’re Latino, you understand that Latino families …. don’t understand…. PERSONAL SPACE. I can’t do anything, I’m always needed, and all I want is to not bothered.

Sleep is sacred sleep is amazing sleep is NECESSARY! It’s days like this where people get mad at you and call you an ass hole. Those kinds of people just don’t understand how important sleep really is.

Let homo sleep 😴 



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