The day has arrived!

So today is the day that I’ve been waiting for, the day I’ve dreamt about, it’s finally happening!

What’s happening you may ask?

Well Bitch I’m going to tell you right now …. IM ACTUALLY HAVING A GOOD DAY! What!? 

Wait there’s more…

Today is the first day I can actually take a breath of fresh air. Today’s the day I got the best news of my life. The type of news that’s life changing. The type of news that makes you cry 4 times out of happiness (yes I’m that emotjonal).

I’ve had a really crappy past year, and for some reason it dragged onto this year (fuck my life right). Adulthood hit me hard and I could NOT handle it for sure.

However today… after today things change! I can’t wait for things to get better because after today I feel like they will.

So my message to you all is to hang the fuck in there! I’ve seen rock bottom, I’ve slept down there, I’ve lived there, and thought I was never going to come up. NOW I AM! And you will too! I’m positive that things will change for everyone as they are for me. 

I’ll make sure I’ll send over some of my good luck/good karma your way (if that makes any sense).

-berto 😘


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