Don’t let your emotions control you

Every single day I wake up feeling different. One day I’m happy, one day I’m angry, another day I’m depressed, my emotions never have any structure.

It stinks too, because I don’t like being in a bad mood or being an ass hole .. sometimes it just happens.Waking up angry and taking it my frustration on everyone else isn’t healthy (IT ISNT GUYS DONT DO IT).

I think I’m just overwhelmed..

Sometimes life really takes it toll on you too and throws too many things at you. It’s okay you’re not supposed to handle everything that’s thrown at you. Some days you can take it, other days it’s like having sex with no lube (hard, long, and painful). Don’t let your emotions take over and control you, it’s not worth it.

Even though I wish I could take all my emotions and shove them in a box and never deal with them again… I’d be a happy homo!

I need to start taking my own advice, because every time a new problem presents itself I get angry or cry.

Alberto needs to get his shit together doesn’t he? Don’t I? I do and hopefully one day I will.

Until then, I will continue being a hot mess.

-berto 😘


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