Life is too Overwhelming

This is later than I usually post, which has already thrown my whole day off, but like my minds been a mess… Life has thrown some shit at me, and some things I can handle, and others make me cry (I cried 5 times yesterday, out of frustration) and want to jump off a high structure.

Just joking..

Honestly though, I’ve had a rough past year, and for some reason its continued onto this year. I thought 2017 was going to be better, I thought I was finally going to catch a break from bad things happening …

Yeah right …

Now yes things could be worse guys/girls I know I know. I’m just saying why can’t I finally catch a break. Why does life kick you while you’re already down? Thats just fucking rude. Why can’t I have a moment to catch my breath before the next thing happens.

Have you ever thought “What did I do to deserve this so I never do it again?” Yeah I do, and a lot. I am a good person with a great heart, I just have a nasty attitude and an even nastier mouth. I do things to help others all the time, even going out of my way.

And I have to admit..

I’ve reached my limit, I don’t think I can handle another bad thing happening. My mental strength is gone, I have no more. I of course will continue to try and stay positive (try being the key word), and hope for the best. 

If you are going through some shit hang in there. Even though I sound like a Negative Nancy, I know that one day I’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ll finally be able to stick my head up for air. *Insert one more corny saying here*




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