My bed kidnapped me 

So you just woke up, and you’re still a little tired (trust me I am too). You lay there in bed just thinking to yourself “I wish I could stay in bed all day”.

Don’t we all…

Everyone does it, they lay there after they wake up, thinking about their day, about what they have to do that day. You might have kids, or a job you hate, or errands to run. Whatever it may be, you’re thinking about it.

5 more minutes turns into 10.. then 20… then you just have to get up

Sometimes it’s hard to peel yourself off of your bed, especially if you’re tired. Having a long list of things to do for the day motivates you less to get up. Some days you just want to lay in bed, cuddled up all warm and cozy. Make that every day.

Today’s one of those days, it was hard for me to rip myself away from my bed. Usually I’m up and out of bed in a couple of minutes. The last couple of days/weeks, I’ve been laying there longer and longer.

Maybe my depression is coming back full force, maybe it’s because I have no more weed and need to get some. Maybe it’s both of those reasons.

I just wish I could skip all my responsibilities for a day and just stay put… in bed….

My bed tried to kidnap me this morning, and every morning it gets closer and closer to accomplishing it.

Just know you’re not alone! Hang in there and get up and get going! Today’s just another day you need to conquer and overcome. Whatever obstacles you encounter you beat. 

-berto 😘


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