Sex isn’t a bad thing!

When you first meet me the first thing you’ll notice is that I’m really loud, next that I talk really fast and a lot! But lastly, you’ll notice that I really .. love .. SEX!

Sex is amazing, is wonderful, it’s beautiful! It’s something that’s necessary in life, and something that should happen regularly (preferably 2-3 times a day). I love sex, love talking about it, having it, watching it, everything about it I love! So I find myself talking about it a lot (my twitter is my personal sex diary) and I honestly don’t give a fuck, pardon my language. 
Now what’s the problem? 

Well that a lot of people have a problem listening to me talk about sex, a lot of people get uncomfortable. 


No one should feel uncomfortable when it comes to sex, it’s a natural thing that’s done between two, three, maybe even four people. Humans have sex all the time, animals have sex all the time, everyone fucking left and right! 
I completely support those who go through a “hoe phase”, maybe after a break up or after coming out. That’s normal, that’s necessary, that’s totally okay. Sleep with whoever you want, JUST BE SAFE!! It’s your body and you can do whatever you want with it. 

Ignore peoples opinions because they don’t matter, you are your own person and never forget that. Just don’t have sex while in a relationship, or sex without a condom, in both cases .. NOT WORTH IT!
Shaming those who are more sexually open than yourself is wrong! Don’t fucking do it. Let me be as sexually open as I want, let me talk about how much I love dick, it’s okay I’m me and that’s how I am.
No more shaming and making sex taboo!
So fuck on and enjoy yourselves! Have sex for me, since I’m currently not having any myself. 
Now that’s a story for another day..

Thanks boos 😘


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