Are you lost? Because I am.

Are you lost? Because I am 

I am in my twenties and I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. This is my third semester I’m out of school and I don’t miss it one bit which scares the shit out of me.

I’m currently a server and it depresses the shit out of me. I need to figure something out and do something else soon. I feel like I’m wasting my years doing nothing but paying bills and it’s driving me insane. Alberto needs some change asap!

This “quarter life crisis” I’m having is ruining my mood. Everyone is noticing a change in my behavior and I promised myself I wouldn’t fall into this hole again. I hate being this angry and emotional all the time. Not knowing what’s going to happen next in my life is driving me crazy. I know I can’t control it but I’m ready for change and for stuff to get going.

Now I know I’m not the only one in their twenties who’s stuck and doesn’t know what to do next. So for those of you in the same boat as me, let’s do this together! Everything happens for people at different times in their lives, I just fucking hope it happens for me soon.

One day we’ll wake up and look back and just smile. Smile at the fact that shit was so horrible for us, and now we’re at a point where that won’t happen again. I can’t wait for my dreams and goals to come true. I just have to remind myself to be patient. So let’s all be patient together. 

Let’s pull through this bull 


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