I’m the most interesting person in the world (FIVE facts about me) 

Woo! I’m very excited to continue posting on this blog 😀

Now since we’ve gotten past the introduction phase, I thought it was time for me to really share the tea when it comes to alberto. Yeah 

So here are FIVE random wonderful facts about yours truly:

1. I always wear socks! – I really don’t like feet at all, and honestly I can’t really explain why. I don’t know if it’s because they stink, or they look gross, or just toenails gross me out, but something about feet isn’t for me. I’ve had exes question and wonder why I never showed them my feet, because I even wear them during sex 😱 Maybe I just don’t like my own feet?

2. Im Dominican 🇩🇴 – yes yes yes! I am 100% Dominican, born but not raised there. I honestly don’t really ever tell anyone I’m Dominican, unless they ask. I usually get Puerto Rican or some type of foreigner. I left the Dominican Republic when I was two years old, which gives me an excuse to visit 😉

3. Hablo español! – of course I speak Spanish I’m Dominican! No but really I do, I’m fluent in Spanish but writing it isn’t my strength. I mean the hardest part is speaking it so writing it will have to wait. Speaking Spanish is a double edged sword. Sometimes it’s a total burden, but most of the times it’s a blessing. 

4. I’m the oldest of three! – unfortunately I wasn’t the only fabulous person that came out of my mothers womb. Yes I am not an only child, I have two younger sisters and what a pain in the ass it is. Everything people say about females going through puberty is true. Funny thing is, I’m the oldest of three because of my mom AND dad! My father (who lives in the DR still) had two kids after he had me. So I guess I’m still the oldest *shoulder shrug* 

5. I’m a big old HOMOSEXUAL 🌈 – yessssss as I mentioned before I am an old flaming homosexual and I love it! I like to think that I’m pretty fabulous, and I love it. I love being gay, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I came out when I was 18, but I knew my entire life I was “different”. 

There you have it! That’s alberto in a nutshell, because there’s A LOT more that I could share about myself. If I did that tho, it would be way more than five facts. So for now that’ll have to do!

Thanks boos 😘


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