How to: How to be friends with your ex

Don’t put your brightness up, or clean your glasses, or rub your eyes, you read correctly! So hang in there and keep reading, I promise I’ll make some sense.
First a little back story! Woooooooo 🎉 

So I dated my ex for almost 3 years, and during those years I honestly wasn’t the best boyfriend I knew I could be. He however was the best boyfriend a person could ask for. We had ups and downs like any couple does, we were on and off but I loved the kid to pieces. He was even the first person I moved in with.

The point of me saying all this is for you guys to understand how it was possible for us to be friends so hang right.

We moved together to Las Vegas (that’s a post for another day) and that’s where it all ended. Everything was great, but after a while things went south. Horrible dramatic things happened in Vegas, things you would probably see on an episode of Love and Hip Hop. Once we moved back to Massachusetts was when we decided to be friends. 

At first I thought “this is never going to work, it’s going to end horribly” which was very normal of me. I’m always a Negative Nancy, it’s like programmed into me I can’t help it. At first it honestly was hard, more for me. I felt so much regret in everything I had done in the past that had led to this. So much regret that it even triggered my depression for MONTHS! 

We had really rocky moments, I would react to things I would hear or see on social media. React in a way a friend should not. Until we reached a point where I had to relax and accept it was over, or let me feelings push him away and lose him forever.

Now here’s my point!

In order to be friends with your ex, you have to be able to accept the fact that things are over. You have to accept that either you or they were at fault for where you are now. Whatever the situation may be, you just have to accept it. 

Next, there has to be boundaries. You both have to get out of your couple routine. Not more dinner dates, or constant contact. They are now your friend, no longer someone you have to keep in contact all day. They are no longer someone who needs to know the details of your day or you life. Most importantly though…NO SEX!

No sex was the hardest part for me. I love sex so much especially with him,he always made me felt so so … GOOD! Also, for a small guy he was very well endowed 🍆 (let’s not lie, size does matter) and who doesn’t like a big penis to play with! 

You have to detach those old feelings, as hard as it may be. Forget that you may love him still, ignore that you want things to be the same again. Those days are over, and if you still want the person in your life, then accept it all.

Hang in there it’ll be fine, if they are still meant to be in your life (whether you’re together or not) it’ll work out! If it doesn’t, take the lost, it wasn’t meant to be. You’ll find love again, so let this one go and let love find you. 


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