Love, what is that ?

Oh love, that four letter word that gives anyone chills, that word everyone wants to hear, that thing everyone wants to experience. How can you not love Love?Well that’s easy, because I don’t …

Love is a wonderful and crazy thing, loving someone is amazing and having them love you back is even better. When you love someone it’s like having your best friends with you all the time, someone who will do I anything in their power for you. It’s honestly a great feeling.

Except when you’ve been hurt by someone you love …

Now love to me is beautiful, I Love being in love, I’m basically made to love. In other words, I love very hard. My very first relationship was really short, so love wasn’t even in the picture. Now my second relationship with pretty long, 2 1/2 years to be exact. I could honestly say that for the first time ever I was truly in love.

My second relationship however started a really rocky, and I should’ve paid attention to the warning signs. In the beginning I didn’t think anything of it so I took things day by day. However things moved really fast and we were in a relationship pretty soon, which is a mistake that today in 2017 I know to never make again. If I would’ve taken my time I probably would’ve learned that he was a chronic cheater.

As much as I want too, I will not use the persons name, we’re just going to call him Steve (after my favorite shady character in Shameless).

To make a very very long story short.. Steve cheated on me our entire relationship. Unfortunately I stuck around for a very long time before I decided to move on. Our relationship was horrible, I constantly was in a battle with other boys because he simply couldn’t just stick with my fabulous gay self.

I promise we’re almost there, hang one a little longer …

The reason I’m telling you this is so you can understand what effect love has on a person. Love blinds you and makes you do things even if it will hurt you. Love makes it okay for someone to do bad things to you, whether it’s emotionally or physically. Love is a double edge sword, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Now this didn’t change my view on love, it just opened my eyes a lot more.
If someone loves you they will not hurt you, they will not cheat on you, and your well-being will always be important to them. So someone that cheats on you cannot possibly love you. Why? Because cheating hurts, and it hurts a lot.

Almost there I promise..

My second relationship was wonderful, he honestly was the best boyfriend I could possibly have ever asked for. He was always there for me, he took care of me, and loved me like someone should be loved. He did all the things that a person would want in a man. Of course he has his bad sides, but who doesn’t. We dated for almost 3 years and it was they were the best times and worst times of my life. However I’m happy I got to go through it with him. Now we’re friends and he will forever be a special person in my life. It definitely was THE hardest breakup I’ve ever gone through (well not harder than my Breakup with caffeineย ).

And here’s my point .. FINALLY!

Love to me is sacred, I will never take someone I love and that loves me for granted. I still love love even after all the hard times, and I still long to be in love one day again. However I do think, that it will be harder for me to find love again. I refuse to give myself completely to someone without 100% knowing and trusting that person. I’ve learned to let love find you, because it will come at the right time and it will be the right person I promise. It won’t happen right away, but hang in there everyone has that special person made for them!

If you have someone you love with you right now give them a hug and tell them you love them. Having someone you love in your life is a great thing, don’t do anything to ruin what you have. Don’t be selfish, be honest.


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