My hardest breakup ever: goodbye caffeine ğŸ’”

Have you ever loved something so much that the thought of never having it again just made you feel like your heart got ripped out of your chest? Without that one thing your days wouldn’t be the same? That’s how I felt about coffee and that’s where I needed to start.
I haven’t always been a huge coffee drinker. You could say that my gateway drug to caffeine was Coca-Cola, and I couldn’t put it down. As a kid I drank a lot of caffeinated drinks like coke, and that’s where the problem is .. THE CAFFEINE! 
What is caffeine? 

According to WebMD: 

Now why coffee? Well coffee is my number one favorite caffeinated drink. Any type of coffee drink whether it’s frozen or not. So in my mind, if I quit coffee then it would be easier to quit caffeine and drinks all together. 

So on January 1st 2017 I decided to quit coffee and caffeine, not 100% of the time. I still cheat and have decaf coffee here and there. Also I have coke ONCE in a while, but at this point it just doesn’t taste the same. 

My journey however wasn’t an easy one! The first couple days were really rough. Migraine headaches are no joke, and that alone almost made me go back to my old ways. Withdrawal was horrible, you’d think I was actually doing an addictive drug (caffeine does have addictive traits). However after the first week the migraines kind of stopped, now I’m back to my regular schedule of migraines. 

My next step however was breaking the routine of going to Dunkin’ Donuts and not getting any coffee, or not going at all. As of today, I still go to dunks and SOMETIMES get decaf, sometimes a hot chocolate, or sometimes nothing. It was really hard for me, I’m a queen who likes routines! Anything that throws them off throws me off and that’s not a pretty sight at all!

Now how would I benefit from taking caffeine out of my diet? Well for starters… NO DIARRHEA! Every morning I would wake up dying with stomach pains, and I knew why …. THE CAFFEINE! 

(My morning coffee always ruined my morning, and the toilet …. 🚽 💩)

Anxiety maybe ruining your life? Well caffeine doesn’t help with that either 

In other words I’m helping myself out and my pocket out! No more caffeine no more buying dunks! It’s a win win situation 👍🏼

Now for my fellow coffee drinkers that are trying to quit for whatever reason, here are MY personal tips on how I quit my coffee habit! 

1. Don’t quit cold turkey if you can’t! – slowly start drinking less and less, maybe even drink decaf or soda without caffeine in it. I personally had to quit cold turkey because for me, personally, it would be easier.

2. Distract yourself! – this may sound bad, but I just smoked more weed to fight the horrible migraine headaches and he fact that I craved coffee so much. That am the occasional martini or cocktail, even some sex would help 💁🏼

3. Medicate yourself!- migraine headaches kicking your ass? We’ll take some Tylenol, maybe a Percocet, whatever works you take it! Those headaches are horrible, they kept me up all night and always ruined my high (what a waste of weed!)

4. Think about the positive!- think about the money you’ll save not buying coffee or soda. Think about how great your body will feel. Think about never having to be that person running around like a chicken with their head cut off just because they haven’t had their morning cup of coffee.

5. Don’t be a weak bitch!- just think of it this way, if you can’t handle quitting coffee and getting rid of caffeine from your diet then how the hell can you handle anything else! Think of this as a training! Be strong you can do it! Have the mental strength to hang in there.

So at last, it’s February 1st and I’ve taken caffeine out of my diet! There have been two times where I’ve had a taste of a frozen cappuccino (like who could say no to that!). Other than that I’m going strong and getting stronger! 

Let’s just hope it’s not all talk and no action … so far so good alberto so far so good 💪🏻


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